Physical Copies versus PDFs

Many roleplaying products come in both a physical book and an electronic format (typically a PDF). So what do you bring to the table? A computer or tablet with PDFs on it, or a physical book?

Unless the resource is only available in an electronic format and you cannot print the relevant page(s) to bring to the table, I find that computers tend to be distracting. An electronic device cannot be put away as easily as a book when not needed.

I suppose an exception could be made for a published adventure, because you will generally always need it to be open and you can always lock the device when you are taking a break so YOUR PLAYERS CANNOT SNEAK A PEEK AT WHAT IS COMING.

While I have had the PDF of this for a while, I decided it was time to go physical…wait that did not sound right.

An argument can be made that a computer / tablet can hold several books in the space of a single book…but should the GM really need 47 different books to run a game?


One thought on “Physical Copies versus PDFs

  1. I guess it comes down to whatever works for the GM or the group, but when available, having both is nice. Last couple games I ran, I had physical books because they are easier to leaf through and pass around, but also pdfs on my computer in case the books were being used by players or if I wanted to have multiple pages open for reference at the same time.

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