ACK! A Great Deal!

As you may tell from my oh-so-clever title, this is a post about the Adventure Conqueror King System or ACKS for short. There is currently a Bundle of Holding featuring ACKS and a great write-up about this sale over at Castalia House.

While other OSR systems focus almost entirely on the dungeon-crawling, ACKS looks at more than just the dungeon. It answers the question: what does the character actually do with all the wealth that is accumulated?

Why not build their own kingdom?

ACKS contains a lot of rules for actually building / running a stronghold and associated domain. It even contains rules for going to war with another domain! I just finished reading the Conan the Barbarian stories and part of the joy of reading those stories was seeing Conan’s character in various situations, whether alone, at the head of a band of mercenaries, and even a king! ACKS allows you to recreate that. That’s not to say that a GM cannot create a set of rules for running a stronghold and the associated territory around it, but ACKS already has that covered. No sense in re-inventing the wheel, right?

With ACKS, your beloved characters carve out portions of the game world for to rule. Even if you do not care for the default setting and you have your own preferred system for playing, ACKS is worth it, just for the domain ruling rules!


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