Cirsova 5 & 6 Kickstarter!


At the time of this writing, Cirsova #5 and #6 is only $22 away from being fully funded!* I have said this before and I almost will certainly say it again, but if you want to be a good GM, you need to have a good media diet. The stories in Cirsova are head and shoulders above most modern fantasy and if they don’t at least stir your imagination or give you at least one usable idea for your game, I will eat my hat.** This is the absolute best short fiction magazine out there. Period.

For just $1 dollar, you can get a digital copy of issues 5 & 6. For that minimum level of investment, you will have several hours of great stories to read.

Also, Cirsova has delivered (on time) in the past with their previous Kickstarters, so there is proven track record here. If you are not already part

Why do I care so much about this? I am not the person running the Kickstarter, nor is anything I have written in its pages. I am someone who has surveyed modern science fiction / fantasy and despaired. I want a sense of wonder in my fiction, dammit! I am sick and tired of mopey people in space or unlikable dinguses in a magical world running around being unlikable dinguses. That is not science fiction, nor fantasy. It is crap.

Cirsova is a breath of fresh air…nay…a kick in the private parts of the science fiction and fantasy community. Cirsova is interrupting the biggest band in the world and saying “You suck. THIS is how you do it”, then pulling out a guitar and melting everyone’s face off with a wicked guitar solo. Cirsova is when you dip your tortilla chip in what you think is mild salsa, but it is actually the spicy stuff. That first bite hurts like hell, but you are never going back.

If you have already backed this, thank you. If you haven’t, please seriously consider backing it. You will enjoy the stories and you will be helping fund and encourage good science fiction / fantasy stories.

* Full disclosure: I backed this project for $20. I really enjoyed Cirsova 1-4, so I have high hopes for 5 & 6.

** No, I won’t eat my hat.


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