Drums and Horns

I do not know what it is about the use of drums and horns in music that make me want to put on a horned helmet*, grab a sword, and charge a castle. But I like it. The only problem is that sometimes it feels too epic for a “normal” combat.

This kind of music should be saved for that BIG moment when your characters are assaulting the the fortress of the evil emperor. This is the soundtrack of thrilling heroics and epic battles, of great heroes and diabolic villains. Your players should be inspired to greater acts of heroism than normal with this in their ears.

Be aware that this may result in more character death than normal, but heroic sacrifices are still heroic and will be talked about for many sessions to come!

* I am aware that a horned helmet is easy to grab in melee combat, so it would not be a good choice to wear…but come on…rule of cool!


3 thoughts on “Drums and Horns

  1. searchingfordragonsblog

    Colors and Horns/Drums were not typically used in skirmish battles of any period. It was set for the large formation of forces that could not be dictated to easily through speech alone. I think the reason it stirs the blood when you see it in a movie or read it is become some ancestral awakening of our primitive warmind. But, I am probably insane so, there’s always that too.

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    1. I have heard that the sound of drums somehow reach into the more primitive part of brain, but I wonder precisely how that works…if that is what is happening.

      If this stirring of the blood makes us insane…well..I would rather be insane with men like you than sane.

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      1. searchingfordragonsblog

        My wife could probably give me an appropriate analysis of primordial brain response to stimuli. However, she isn’t home currently. I’m of a mind with you though. It definitely taps into something deeper in our minds. Things that men should absolutely run away from can be fortified to charge at the sounding of horns and drums.

        I’ll ask her tomorrow and she will point me in the right direction of what to read.

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