That One Game

It seems like everyone has “that one game” that they absolutely love. The one that they desperately want to pull out and play, even if they play other games. The one they will endlessly bring up, even if not appropriate for the conversation. For instance, I think Car Wars is “that one game” for Jeffro.

Everyone except me.

I do not know if “that one game” has incredible mechanics that are well-polished and balanced or a particularly great experience that an individual player had at the table or if the game truly invoked the setting implied in the rule book. In any case, I do not have “that one game”. There are games I enjoy, but not “that one game”.

I have “that one novel” (The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton)
I have “that one movie” (UHF)
I have “that one book of the Bible” (Ecclesiastes)

Maybe I’ll find it one day, maybe I won’t. With some luck, I may even create it.


3 thoughts on “That One Game

    1. I had never heard of that game until now I looked it up online… and it looks fantastic!

      I couple months back, I was sucked into a 9-hour session of Twilight Imperium. It was a blast. This reminds of that game…except only taking a couple hours.


  1. searchingfordragonsblog

    Dungeon Crawl Classics. Even though Goodman Games and I are having a pissing match on their kickstarter comments section. It’s a year late, and the response has been obnoxiously form letterish


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