Not Enough Hours In The Day…

After listening to the latest JimFear138 podcast with Daddy Warpig, I want to sit down and write some awesome, pulpy sci-fi/fantasy. But I have to finish my RPG…work…catch up on my reading*…making an occasional rambling blog post, so you know I am still here…and take care of my other real-life responsibilities.


How do you find time for everything? I am still trying to figure it out. The key so far has been discipline. Whenever possible, I am trying to be more disciplined with my time. For example, trying to make better use of my breaks/lunch at work. I could just browse Twitter aimlessly or I could scribble down some ideas / read a chapter or short story. Which one is more productive?

My goal is to have a feature-complete version of the RPG done by the end of April. Then, I will work on proper formatting**, so it looks good on the page. Wish me luck!


** Formatting is half the battle!


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