Cirsova #5 is out!

Full disclosure: I kickstarted this issue and the forthcoming issue #6.

Cirsova #5 is out today! Go get it!

As I mentioned in my earlier non-review of Issues #1-4, Cirsova is full of fantastic stories and issue #5 is no exception.

If I have not already mentioned this a hundred thousand times, most modern fantasy and science fiction is garbage. Maybe you don’t fully understand my opinion on the matter. Please allow Samuel L. Jackson to do assist you with that (replace “snakes” with “bad science fiction and fantasy”.

Don’t worry, this is the safe for work version.

However, Cirsova is the real deal. Not a single story is bad, they are all at least good, if not great, stories. I am not the most eloquent person and I realize that this post has basically been me cheerleading for Cirsova. So be it. I will put on the skirt and the pom-poms for these stories, so that more people will read them.

Or, maybe, if you buy a copy, I won’t put on the skirt and pom-poms. Trust me, you don’t want to see that.


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