Statting Up A Chainsaw

As I work toward version 1.0 of SPACE DEMONS…IN SPACE, one of the big things I forgot to include (other than a better title) in the old version was a chainsaw.


I have been trying to figure out the best way to incorporate a chainsaw. If a character gets a chainsaw, can he or she use it forever, like in classic DOOM? Should I give it an ammo system, like the 2016 DOOM? Maybe the chainsaw runs on battery packs. Possibly make it an instant-kill weapon that requires a number of battery packs equal to the monsters HD? Another possibility is that the chainsaw can only be used so many times a day before the character has to spend time repairing it.

Here are some of the ideas I am working with (of course damage numbers and LT are adjustable):

1) Chainsaw
Melee Weapon
3D6 damage
LT 60
Weight 20 lbs.
Never runs out of fuel

2) Chainsaw
Melee Weapon
3D6 damage
LT 60
Weight 20 lbs
Uses Batteries, one per hit, which are 5 LT and 1 lb each (misses do not use up a battery)

3) Chainsaw
Melee Weapon
Instant Death
LT 60
Weight 20 lbs
Uses Batteries, one used per HD of enemy killed, which are 5 LT and 1 lb each

4) Chainsaw
Melee Weapon
3D6 damage
LT 60
Weight 20 lbs
5 uses, but after that, requires an hour’s work to repair / remove the demon blood from the chain.

Please let me know which option you think would be best. Or, if you have a better idea, I am all ears.



2 thoughts on “Statting Up A Chainsaw

  1. I would go with a fuel/battery system. Every combat round that it is running takes one charge,whether or not you do any damage or even roll to hit, if it’s running, it burns a charge. I’d also say that it takes one full combat action to start, and you can’t dodge or do anything else when you’re starting it–you’re just standing there, a nice,easy target.

    And I’d say a full tank/battery would be, maybe 10 charges. Enough for two quick combats or one big battle. Changing batteries/refueling would take several combat rounds, or be an out of combat action. And, of course, you can make the batteries as rare as you like.

    I think those rules would keep the weapon from being a game-breaker. It’s formidable, but limited. You can’t just walk around with it running, and unless you know that you’re about to enter combat you need someone to cover you when you start it up. (If you’re feeling particularly mean you can give it an activation roll to start.)

    If you have a critical/fumble system I’d suggest that a chainsaw crit is an instant kill (except on major bosses, perhaps) and a fumble would a kickback–make a dex save and failing it means taking full damage (it kicks back and hits you) and a save would be that you drop the weapon and it stops–one action to pick it up, a second to restart it.

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  2. searchingfordragonsblog

    Treat it like a potion. It fires up for 2d6+1 rounds. It kills on nat 20. It’s rare. Once it starts it doesn’t stop until expended.

    Upon creature death enemies make a morale save. A pool of slick demon blood soaks a five foot square requiring saving throws for all but the user.

    That way it’s used as intended. Like a potion of berserk. Pulling the cord is saying, “Something, maybe me, is going to die and it will be glorious.

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