The Mixed GM’s 2016 Awesome Stuff Awards!

So there was some sort of thing about the Hugos today. While there were some great choices on the list…I think that some very deserving people were not nominated. So in a poorly-thought-out attempt to draw attention to some of these people, I am doing my own awards with blackjack and hookers!*


These awards are only for things that I bought / read / listened in 2016. Sorry Jeffro, I didn’t purchase your Appendix N book until January. Otherwise, it would be on this list.

Best RPG: Shitlord: The Triggering by E. Reagan Wright


For better or for worse, Shitlord: The Triggering exists. Actually, for better. It is a bare-bones version of Swords & Wizardry with a fan-damn-tastic built in story. You can read my full review of it here. As odd as it sounds, this was the direct inspiration for my own attempt at an OSR-ish game. I figured that if Shitlord: The Triggering can be made…why I can make a game too!

Best Thing I Read: Probably something on this list.



These are all fantastic works and you cannot go wrong reading any of them. Special recognition for Brian Niemeier and his Soul Cycle series. Try to name the genre they are in. You can’t. Unless the genre is called “Incredible Books”.

Best Podcast: Toss-Up between Geek Gab and JimFear138

I’m indecisive. Listen to them both! You will get a good dose of general, all-around geekery. Additionally, it is nice to listen to a podcast with hosts that seem like down-to-earth, decent people.

Best New Thing: Cirsova


While this is a picture of the 2017 issue, I am cheap, so I have only read issues # 1-4 on my Kindle. I have a physical copy of issue # 5, so it gets the dubious honor of getting a picture taken with the award sign. Why have I given Cirsova this award? The reason is this: it is easy to complain about the state of short fiction, but the gentleman behind Cirsova decided to DO something about it. He has earned every bit of recognition he has received and he deserves a hell of a lot more. I know that Cirsova earned a Hugo nomination, but I want to showcase it here too.

Best Blog: The Mixed GM (

What can I say? I’m humble. 🙂

I am cheap and lazy, so I only made one award sign. If any of the winners really want it…I will gladly mail it to you. Just contact me and I’ll do it.

* No blackjack or hookers available at this time. Or ever.


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