Playtest Version of My Doom-inspired RPG!

I promised a feature-complete version of my OSR-ish RPG by the end of April. With the beginning of a week-long work trip coming up tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I actually kept that promise.

The formatting is not finalized, so the official and final version is not out yet. There is also still time for tweaking of numbers. I have a wonderful volunteer who promised to help me with the formatting for the final version. I might even put a little bit of art in it.

In any case, this is the version I am going to try and poperly playtest. While I am going to the North Texas RPG Con, currently I am not planning on running a game of this. If you do come to the North Texas RPG Con, please let me know!

Here it is!

Demons in Space v 0.9


4 thoughts on “Playtest Version of My Doom-inspired RPG!

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