Possible 5th Class for Demons in Space

I had an idea for a new class in Demons in Space. Consider this a rough draft. I need to add a little bit more to this class. Here it is:

Officer and 2 marines
An Officer with a Chainsaw leads two Marines in Powered Armor (another addition I am working on) into battle.


Whether a commissioned military man, a chaplain, or a 40k-style commissar, the Officer leads the party into battle. While not a great combatant on their own, they always have a loyal bodyguard with them to fight, and they also have a few support abilities to enhance the power of the party.

The Officer’s XP / HD / Saving Throw Chart

Prime Attribute: Charisma, 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d6/level
Armor Permitted: Light Vest & Medium Combat Suit
Weapons Permitted: Everything but the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and Mega Energy Blaster.
Attack roll chart is the same as the Technician and Occultech

Inspiring Word: If an ally dies in combat, the Officer can give a (brief) rousing speech about the fallen. All allies that can hear that Officer gain advantage on all combat rolls and saving throws for the rest of the combat. This ability is usable once per combat.

P.S. It doesn’t matter who killed the ally.

Tactical Genius: The Officer may turn an advanatage into a disadvantage and vice-versa, once a combat. This ability may be used on an ally or an enemy.

Saving Throw Bonus: Officers gain advantage on saving throw rolls against an effect that would be considered “mind control”.

Bodyguard: Begins play with a Bodyguard follower. That follower is “free” and does not count against the Maximum Number of Followers that a character may have. If the bodyguard dies, a new one shows up as soon as possible. The bodyguard has its own advancement chart based on level of Officer.

That should read “Sawed-Off Shotgun”. I’ll fix it in the real thing.

Good? Bad?

Also, I can hear you saying “Finish playtesting / perfecting what you have, don’t make more!”. I do what I want.


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