Starter Dungeons

What makes a good starter dungeon?

One of the things I am working on for the 1.0 release is a little intro dungeon for the GM and players to run around in that will be in the back of the book.

Some notes I scribbled during lunch breaks at work.

So what makes a good starter dungeon?

I have been looking at various adventures, modules, etc to try to figure out what works and what does not work. I am still trying to figure out what works, but so far, it seems that open-endedness is a key component. However, working that into a little starter adventure is tricky.

The plan for the starter dungeon is that the characters all start in the brig of a space ship when pirates attack…and the demons come aboard at the same time. There is a flicker of power and their cell doors open. I want to give the players options, such as:

– Flee to the escape pods
– Blow up the ship (without or without fleeing)
– Purge every living thing on the entire ship
– Try to work out an alliance between surviving pirates, military, and civilian crew to take back the ship

I am leaning toward a more open-ended experience compared to a fully-complete dungeon, with some hallways that can lead to other parts of the ship, or can be blocked with debris, if the GM does not feel like creating more of the ship. Hopefully, this will inspire some great game.

A side effect of finishing this dungeon is that I will start to play around in Roll20 and possibly be able to run a playtest session online.


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