I Need Cover Art

Sick of this
I am sick of looking at this.

Every time I pull open the document that contains “Space Demons in Space”, I am confronted with the picture above. I am sick and tired of seeing that.

I don’t want to just go online and find some random picture to make my cover. I want to do the right thing and legally acquire something to use as the cover. I looked around the Creative Commons and could not find anything great.

Part of me is leaning toward commissioning artwork for the cover.

However, I am not made of cash.

Anyone know any good artists with reasonable rates?


3 thoughts on “I Need Cover Art

  1. What kind of art are you looking for?

    I could type-set the cover for cheap and depending on what you’re looking for, maybe more. E-mail is dominikalein at gmail. Shoot me a message to talk about it.


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