A Word We All Need To Use More


When I really like something, I will sometimes say that it is “Fan-damn-tastic”. I try not to let it slip in polite company, but it is tempting sometimes to see what certain people’s faces would be if I said that.

But in all seriousness, I think a lot of “new school” tabletop RPG people need to sit down and play Earthsiege 2, which is the game that this video came from. Now I can hear what you are all thinking:

“But The Mixed GM, why would we play a mostly-forgotten mech game from the 90’s?”

“Why don’t you use consistent branding online?”

“When will you finish Demons in Space?”

In Earthsiege 2, you could fail some missions and still progress in the story. Admittedly, things might be more difficult for you, but you did not have to succeed all time. When I mean fail a mission, I mean you fail the objective. If you are told to protect the base from attack, it actually matters whether or not you protect it well. It is your skill and your skill alone that determines how the game continues. This is generally NOT the kind of game where you protect the base for 30 minutes and then, in a cutscene, it explodes due to plot nonsense. If the base explodes, it is because you failed. However, you can pick yourself up, dust off your giant robot, and fight on.

If you want to reload from a previous save, that is an option. Or, you could soldier on despite the hardship.

Now apply this thinking to tabletop RPGs.

To answer the other questions:

Yes, I use @NotJohnDaker on Twitter / Gab / Discord. My online branding / persona / whatever is not consistent. I probably should care, but I don’t/

It’ll be done when it is done.


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