Help Me Playtest “Demons In Space”

I think I am finally ready to do several things:

1) Release a playtest version of “Demons In Space”

2) Use Roll 20

3) GM for people I don’t know

Once the end of month / beginning of month shenanigans end at my job, I should be able properly run a short session (no more than an hour…two tops).

I am looking for 4-6 people to help me playtest. I tried to playtest myself, but it doesn’t work. Please note that this might suck. A lot.

If you want some sort of credit, I will be happy to put your name / pseudonym as a playtester credit.

When will I be doing this?
I am aiming for July 8th…starting about 6:00 pm CST in Roll 20

What kind of player am I looking for?
– One willing to try something new-ish
– One willing to give honest critique
– One willing to be a team player

Here is the Playtest Version of the game:


If you want to playtest it without me, go for it and let me know your thoughts. I will be happy to credit or not credit you as you wish.

If you are interested, you may contact me on Twitter or Gab (@NotJohnDaker), Google Plus (+TheMixedGM), or email me at themixedgm at yahoo dot com


7 thoughts on “Help Me Playtest “Demons In Space”

  1. Dang it! July 8th I’ll be watching “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” at the Muni Opera. Sorry, Sondheim trumps Space Demons. I’ve got stereotypes to uphold here. But if you do a second round, count me in.

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    1. I first saw that play when I was just out of high school. It was a theatre in the round show, in Valley Forge with Zero Mostel as Pseudolus. I have never looked at this show, acting or the Great Zero himself the same way since.


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