Working on Playtesting ‘Demons in Space’…Again

I have recently gotten some really good feedback on my playtest version of ‘Demons in Space’, so I am revising it right now. However, I still would like to playtest it with some people, so I can see what works and what doesn’t work.

There is only so much theory-crafting I can do; I want to see how it plays when the dice hit the table.

Two Marines in Power Armor face off with an Earl of Hell, a Floater, and an Unstoppable Blob. {Ok, I stole this image from an ad for DOOM (2016).}

Is there anyone interested in playtesting? Maybe 1-2 hours maximum.

If so, when is a good time? Weekends (except Sunday mornings) are generally good for me. Mention a time in the comments, find me on Twitter/Gab (@notjohndaker), let me know on Google Plus (+The Mixed GM), or email me at

(I am in the Central time zone in the United States, FYI. I will try to make that clear when setting times.)


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