Impromptu Playtest

On Saturday, I had an opportunity I was not expecting. A chance to playtest ‘Demons in Space’ with my in-laws. Somehow, my wife convinced her parents to try it out.

So I printed out a couple copies of the game…

It truly is a wonderful thing to hold something you made in your hand.

…and whipped up a short scenario. What could possibly go wrong?

All things considered, everything went really really well. Heck, my mother-in-law did not even know what a tabletop roleplaying game even is until that day. Yet, she rose to the occasion…and then died horribly.

Some things I learned this time:

– Gun damage and power damage are not balanced against each other.
– The current effect of rolling a ‘1’ when wielding a chainsaw might be too harsh.
– Stimpacks might be too good.
– Grenades may also be too good.
– Cognitive Behavioral Shift can create unusual situations. I never thought I would utter the phrase “Okay. You Old Yeller’d the demon.”
– If anyone ever tells you game design is easy, they are lying to you.


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