No Reloading in ‘Demons in Space’

“Excuse me Mr. Handsome Mixed GM fellow, why isn’t there reloading in your incredible work-in-progress RPG, ‘Demons in Space’?”

’tis a question I field constantly from the adoring masses. But in all seriousness, it is a point I want to address.

There is a reason ‘Demons in Space’ is not based on Halo.

Reloading is realistic and while ‘Demons in Space’ is quite ridiculous in many ways, it still seems strange that guns do not need reloaded to people, because real-life firearms need to be reloaded. In game, I consider all firearms to be reloaded between combat or as part of shooting (similar to how many games consider pulling an arrow from the quiver is part of the action of shooting). This also allows players to imagine the weapons to be whatever they want. Is the pistol a revolver with an auto-loader or a semi-automatic? Is the shotgun a pump-action or a futuristic variation of the AA-12? I say, let the players decide!

Pink Desert Eagle
If you want your Pistol to be this, I won’t judge you…much. (image shamelessly stolen from

Also, in DOOM, there is no reloading, well except the Super Shotgun of DOOM 2 (maybe). The lack of reloading keeps the action going and allows the player to not have to juggle to many ideas in combat. Maybe people have shorter attention spans these days, or maybe most of the players I play with don’t have the dedication to keep track of all the moving parts. In any case, I want to keep the game simple and not veer off into Pathfinder-level complexity.

In the same vein, I am re-thinking ammunition. I still want it to be “purchased” via the Loot Token system, but I am considering removing the weight requirement. I may put an arbitrary cap on the amount of each kind of ammunition that a character can have (a nod to DOOM). After some consideration, a weight system for each unit of ammo (bullet, shell, rocket, etc) does seem a bit excessive. Creating a fixed weight for a box of 50 bullets or something leads to issues of “well a box with only 25 bullets in it only weighs half as much as a box with 50 bullets in it” and then I end up with a weight system for each unit of ammo.

So now, in addition to tweaking gun / power damage, I get to re-work the weight system as well. In the end it will be worth it…I hope.


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