Review of ‘Liberation of the Demon Slayer’

Look what arrived today!

2 packages
Best sick day ever!

Today, I would like to review ‘Liberation of the Demon Slayer’ by Venger Satanis.

Let’s get something out of the way, when I first heard about this product, I did not expect to think highly of it.

1) Naked female on the front
2) Mature Content warning
3) His pen name has “Satanis” in it

However, Mr. Satanis made the pdf free for a while and he seemed like a reasonable fellow on the Inappropriate Characters podcast, so I gave it a shot. Short story: I loved it!

Guess that makes me the stereotypical white Christian male who has to learn to not judge those different than him. Anyway, onto the adventure review itself!

While this is billed as able to be used by any OSR system, it has the single saving throw mechanic and descending [ascending] AC of Swords & Wizardry. Keep that in mind when converting it to a different system.

The Good

– Beautiful production values. High quality maps and excellent black-and-white drawings on the inside that set the mood.

– Weirdness. I enjoy mixing science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Mr. Satanis is not afraid to mix these three to create some unique interactions for the party. “Pure” fantasy scenarios, “pure” sci-fi scenarios, and “pure” horror scenarios are great, but being able to mix elements from the other can help elevate what happens at your table

– At the beginning, he has a couple pages of houserules that he uses when running this adventure. While I wouldn’t use all of those houserules myself if I was running this module, I would not mind if I was a player in this module with those houserules in place. Being that my favorite OSR game is Adventurer Conqueror King System, I believe strongly in the “Every campaign is a law unto itself”. While I don’t know what kind of relationship Mr. Satanis and Mr. Macris have, it appears that they at least agree on this point.

– Unique monsters. This isn’t full of your typical orcs, goblins, etc. Lots of strange creatures in here.

– Factions! Lots of groups to talk to, interact with, betray, help, etc. Factions are always good.

The Bad

– Some “unclearness”.

  • For example, the rumor table on page 18 does not tell if the rumor is true or false. The GM has to carefully read the entire module to see if these rumors are true.
  • At one point, a cache of coins is discovered that is worth “about 3,500 gp”. A gem or piece of art can be worth “about x gp”. You can haggle with a merchant when selling those. But gp should be gp. When finding coins, the amount should be specific.
  • I was not always clear about how the floors are connected. This could be just because I am stupid.

The Ugly

– The physical book wasn’t free with free overnight shipping and a coupon for a free basket of cheese sticks at a local restaurant.

If it wasn’t clear, the positives FAR outweigh the negatives in this product. Most of my negatives are nit-picky at best, which should tell you how great this product is!

You can purchase ‘Liberation of the Demon Slayer’ here. This is not an affiliate link and I will not financially benefit from this purchase in any way. Just trying to be above board here.


2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Liberation of the Demon Slayer’

  1. Sweet review! Thanks, I hope you enjoy that other book with the naked female butt on it. 😉

    BTW, you’re not wrong about level connection in LotDS. It’s wack and not easy to determine from the text alone – and the map is little to no help on certain levels. Feel free to ask me questions anytime!

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