Session 01 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

It’s been a long time in coming, but I was finally able to get the first session of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer” off the ground. This is a weird and fun adventure by Venger Satanis that I am running with ACKS.


Because I can.

If you are playing or intend to play, please don’t read the adventure.

Session Report:
Three players joined me.The first three characters: A fighter, a cleric, and a dwarven delver. After carefully navigating around a couple of pits and looting a dead body, they slowly began to explore the first level of the dungeon.

Most of my random encounter rolls came up “nothing”, so for a while they were free to explore in relative safety. They even got to loot the wizard’s laboratory in peace!

However, their luck ran out when I rolled a random encounter with some Demon-Possessed Beastmen. While the party took one of them out, the other two ripped the party to shreds, while the party could barely hit the monsters. For some reason, the Roll 20 dice favored the monsters in this encounter.


What did my players do? Cry? Beg me to bring the characters back to life?


They rolled up new characters on the spot. As they did so, I told them I was going to take a test Fighter I made for the game (to test the character sheet on Roll 20) and have him join the party. His name is Eddie Example.

So what did they do?

Roll 2 Fighters and 1 Barbarian

Whelp. At least we got more brawn than a bodybuilding contest! Who needs magic?

They plunged right back into the dungeon and went a different direction. After killing a weird mold monster and a wolverine-rat hybrid thing, they got into a climactic battle with some kobolds. During the battle, Eddie dropped below 0 hp, so I got to use my absolute favorite table in all of roleplaying (it’s on page 106 of the core ACKS rulebook:


Seriously, this table is a thing of beauty. So many terrible things can happen that aren’t death! I know most old school games state that 0 hp = death, but ACKS says, “Hey, just because you fell under 0 hp, that doesn’t mean that you are dead. Let’s see what happened… Oh. Oh no..”

Due to getting a pretty good roll, he only suffered “notable scarring” from getting peppered with arrows.

He is now known as Eddie the Disfigured.

But hey, they found a magic dagger!

We’ll see if they survive next week…

Lesson Learned
Create a few back-up NPCs in case only a few people show up.

Remembering the Fallen
Fighter 1 (Session 1 / Beaten to death by a Demon-Possessed Beastman)
Dwarven Delver 1 (Session 1 / Beaten to death by a Demon-Possessed Beastman)
Cleric 1 (Session 1 / Beaten to death by a Demon-Possessed Beastman)

Do You Want In?
Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm-ish Central Time on Roll 20.

It’s a “drop in / drop out” deal. You can’t make a session? No big deal. Don’t like my GMing style and want out? No big deal. You can hit me up on Twitter (@NotJohnDaker), email (, or MeWe (if you know Power Word: My Real Name).

9 thoughts on “Session 01 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

  1. It was a blast! I had forgotten how much fun RPGs can be.

    I didn’t realize how much I had been influenced by the new school RPG as psychodrama BS until the TPK, in fact. Then it was like, no backstory, no agonizing over the proper mix of talents/feats/semihuman abilities/so on and so forth.

    I rolled stats in Roll20, 3d6 in order, bought my gear and *boom* back in the dungeon.

    Roll your freakin’ dice, move your freakin’ mice. I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and bubblegum ain’t on the equipment list.


  2. Good fun. Having never played a more old-school game, just read about them and run them a couple of times, I enjoyed the whole part of not having to fret over character death. It is a whole lot more fun when no one is going to be hurt over losing a fictional character they happen to be playing (not that I don’t like my other gaming group, but boy do they try and avoid character death like we were controlling living people.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m already more than halfway there. Unlike some in the OSR, I think there is a place for point-builds and Plot Points… but only in a very limited way. Both are… dangerous, in that in the hands of the unwary they can lead you into caring too much for what is, ultimately, just a game and a make-believe character.


  3. tachyon80

    A great game session. Thanks for running. My take away: colored liquid in a bottle = hand grenade. What? You thought I was going to *drink* it?

    A request: Naming a new character on the spot doesn’t always give optimal results. If a character survives can I rename him?

    Liked by 1 person

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