Session 03 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

Here is the full party:

Venkman = Fighter PC
Hans = Fighter PC
Ferrutious Alanious = Barbarian PC
Eddie the Disfigured = Fighter NPC
Thadeus = Elven Spellsword NPC
Glevina = Elven Ranger NPC who is crushin’ hard on Venkman
Terry the Torchbearer = NPC who carries a torch

Session Report
I have to confess something. For some reason, in many games I play, characters end up getting naked. A lot. And most of the time it turns out okay.

Side note: I sometimes get naked during play, but that is only so I can have superior #DiceControl

Side Side Note: I only get naked when I play online, my webcam is unplugged, and everyone in the apartment is asleep/gone.

During further exploration of level 1 of the dungeon, our intrepid party found a waterway with a glint of gold deep down. Naturally, they did not want to go in, but the elves, who do not understand human propriety got naked and jumped in. Luckily, they discovered a chest full of gold, instead of a trident to the face.

If you want a picture of naked elves swimming…


They went through two save or die saving throws when fighting a scorpion/worm hybrid monster and LIVED THROUGH BOTH! I didn’t fudge the rolls, but it I am rooting for another death in the next session or two.

Then, they reached level 2, met a strange little man, and got whisked away into a strange gladitorial combat arena to help the strange little man get a magic wand.

Upon entering the outskirts of the arena, they met a crazed man near an anti-magic symbol who got angry with them and tried to cast a spell to murder them.

PRO-TIP: Do not attempt to cast a spell near an anti-magic symbol

This is what happened

Once the party reached the arena (and avoided the lava room) I expected the huge snake in the arena to offer a lot of resistance, but it got gunned down (by bows and crossbows). It had more HD than the rest of the entire party combined!

They fed the snake’s corpse to a giant talking venus flytrap-type plant because they wanted to be nice to it.

I love how strange this adventure is.

After being teleported back to main dungeon (with a promise form the strange little man for assitance), we ended the session, but we will see if they survive level 2. And yes, we are playing on the same Sunday evening as the super-popular football game.

P.S. The author of the adventure I am using is running a Kickstarter that ends soon. I have supported it, but if you are interested, here is the link:

Lesson Learned
I keep forgetting about cleaves in ACKS! Bad GM! Bad! A couple combats might have gone even better for the party if I remembered them.

Remembering the Fallen
None… this time.

Do You Want In?
Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm-ish Central Time on Roll 20.

It’s a “drop in / drop out” deal. You can’t make a session? No big deal. Don’t like my GMing style and want out? No big deal. You can hit me up on Twitter (@NotJohnDaker), email (, or MeWe (if you know Power Word: My Real Name).


2 thoughts on “Session 03 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, we killed the giant snake with bows, crossbows, and a *freakin’ lightning bolt*. And Venkman and Glevina are just friends who share a mutual interest in killing stuff from across the room where it can’t hit us back.

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