Check Out These Two Products!

There are a couple of products I

The first is a Kickstarter: Cha’alt by Venger Satanis.

It is a Kickstarter that ends soon and I really want to see it succeed. It a little over $1,000 away from funding! Here is the description from Kickstarter:

…science-fantasy, eldritch, gonzo, post-apocalyptic campaign world focusing on The Great Pyramid megadungeon.

If that doesn’t get the blood pumping, I don’t know what will! I adore adventures that throw in all kinds of unique and strange elements into the dungeon and Venger does that quite well.

He even has a free sneak preview here. It’s a free mini-dungeon and, as always, contains some strange ideas, including a cat-snake. Yes. A cat-snake.

We might need some more catnip to deal with this…

As you can see, the great art & maps that Venger’s products typically have is on full display in the free min-dungeon. He does not skimp on quality!

Now, to those who have never seen one of Venger’s products before, I want to give a little warning. He typically has a little more sexual stuff in his adventures than you might be used to. However, I am a bit of a prude, so a normal person might take this little warning with a grain of salt.

The second is Ruined City of Cyfandir by Simon Forster with Alexander Macris.

Truth in cover advertising. There is a ruined city and there is a dragon!

ACKS version here

5E version here

The softcover book is on its way, but I have looked through the pdf of the ACKS version. Unlike normal dungeons, this a ruined city. So instead of going through a dank, musty underground tunnel, the party will be going through ruined buildings and streets with more potholes than New Hampshire in early spring*!

Due to the fact that this is a city, you are free to go anywhere in the city you want at any time. You aren’t as constrained as you are in a dungeon. It is dungeon-crawl sandbox, if that makes sense. There is even a d100 table to roll on when the party decides to a loot a random building!  Furthermore, many of the random encounters are not simply “monster x attacks”, but many are engaged in their own activities that are unrelated to the party’s actions. This makes the adventure feel more real, rather than a shooting gallery.

For those of you who are interested in the Borderlands region of the Auran Empire setting, there are several hooks to draw your players elsewhere when the adventure is completed. Even in your own setting, it would take minimal effort to rework those hooks into your own campaign world.

This is the kind of adventure that reminds you why the reaction roll (and being willing to talk) is so important. There are multiple groups with their own agendas. A quick-talking party can turn a potential fight into an ally, but a belligerent party could turn a potential ally into a fight!

Why is it so important to talk? Let’s not mince words. There is a dragon on the cover of the book. A DRAGON. You will want meatshields valuable allies to assist in taking down the dragon. Because who can say no to a dragon’s hoard?


The pdf of Ruined City of Cyfandir, as well as the free adventure mentioned above, include numbered maps for GMs and an unnumbered map for use with online gaming, such as Roll20! Honestly, this should be standard for all modern pdf adventures and I am glad to see it in these two!

There are no affiliate links in this post and I do not financially benefit in any way from the purchase of these products. I have backed the Kickstarter for Cha’alt and bought the Ruined City of Cyfandir with my own money. Just wanted to fully disclose that.

* In my university days, I spent a semester up in New Hampshire. Due to all the snow and plowing, the roads were torn up by the time spring came around. I would hit a smaller pothole while avoiding a larger one! That’s how bad it was.


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