‘The Illustrated Stark’ Drops Soon!

As you may know, I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas (5 hours there and 5 hours back home) on March 2nd to get an early copy of the newest issue of Cirsova.

Get the new issue of Cirsova, if you haven’t yet!

What is that under the copy of Cirsova, you ask?

Well, until now I could not say.

I got my hands on one of two ultra-exclusive advanced copies of the hardcover edition of ‘The Illustrated Stark’.

She may not be thicc, but she be smugg

At the end of April, you can get the hardcover edition (with all three volumes) or just volume 1 if you wish.

Let me tell you: it’s great. The stories still hold up after 70 years and the illustrations are gorgeous. Highly recommended. Go pre-order it now!

If you haven’t read these stories before, you’re in for a wild ride! Adventures on Mars and Venus await! Inhuman monsters, high technology, and sword fights combine seamlessly. No nonsense, just good action-packed

StarTwo illustrated several scenes straight from the stories with incredible attention to detail. This collection would be a fine gift to a early teen reader that you want to introduce to the pulps.

The nice thing about getting the hardcover with all three volumes is that you get all 3 volumes at once (no need to wait for them to release individually) AND extra art!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I get no financial ‘kickbacks’ or benefits if you purchase this product.

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