Session 16 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

Here is the full party:

James Blaylock = Elven Ranger PC
Exardell = Mystic PC
Duffles the Unfortunate = Mage PC
Joan = Fighter NPC
Perry = NPC Thief
Sherry = NPC Cleric
Glevina = NPC Elven Ranger
Broon the Smart Hobgoblin = Hobgoblin NPC who carries a torch / manages finances

Hans = Fighter PC (player is unable to join for a while, so he is sitting at the tavern and visiting the horribly wounded former adventurers)

Session Report

The party chose not to pursue the lava men further and talked with them instead. If the party left the section of the dungeon inhabited by the lava men (and to NEVER enter the temple that the lava men worship at), the lava men give the party some information.

The party learned:
– The lava men wouldn’t mind all the demons being cleared out of the dungeon
– That a giant magma dragon lives in the lava below level 6 (the party can see the lava below and could potentially fall in it)

So far, the party has respected this truce. I am as surprised as you are!

They wandered south of the lava men and ran into some flame ogres. Unfortunately, Perry the Thief was peeking around the corner when the flame ogres ran up and was turned into “perry paste” with a single punch.

Flame Ogre
It is all ogre for Perry

The ensuing combat was not going well for the party, so they pulled out the ROD OF STRANGE THINGS again. A quick wave of the wand and…

…a banana with arms and a mustache appeared to fight on the party’s side for several rounds.

Odd, I know, but it was on the table of things that can happen! And that banana helped them  win!

Even with the banana on their side, the fight was tough. The Staff of Healing (called the “feel good stick” by the party) was in heavy use. Naturally this led to the following being spoken:

“Sherry! Hit Joan with the feel good stick!” (pretty sure that there are many videos online of this exact scenario)

It makes sense in context, I swear!

Despite the difficulty of the fight with the flame ogres, the party chose to keep exploring, rather than return to town for rest / healing. They found an ominous door, which opened on its own. The voice of Vord, the powerful demon whose consort the party slew, rang out.

They pushed on anyway.

Upon confronting Vord, the demon lord, the party pulls out the ROD OF STRANGE THINGS and a portal opens to another plane, sucking Vord in… similar to the high priest of the previous floor.

That was anti-climactic.

But now, there is an angry demon lord out there… still alive… still hungry for vengeance. I am sure this will have no consequences at all.

The rest of the session was spent freeing the slaves Vord had, looting his treasury, and reading in his library about some strange deity-ish being that lives on this floor.

Rather than re-enslave the slaves or send them to the surface to be free, the party is trying to monetize them / make them employees of the party. Unfortunately, Vord’s use of the slaves was mostly for… uh… NSFW purposes, so they don’t have many skills useful for adventurers. But we’ll see what happens next time!

Lesson Learned

Keep your composure when the party uses the term “feel good stick”.

Remembering the Fallen


Perry the Thief (punched to death by a flame ogre)

Do You Want In?
Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm-ish Central Time on Roll 20.

It’s a “drop in / drop out” deal. You can’t make a session? No big deal. Don’t like my GMing style and want out? No big deal. You can hit me up on Twitter (@NotJohnDaker), email (, or MeWe (if you know Power Word: My Real Name)

7 thoughts on “Session 16 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

  1. I’m just thinking, why continue to depopulate the -Erry family up in town when there’s perfectly good cannon fodder down here? Plus I just really like the idea of defeating the boss demon by using his former slaves and leveling them up to the point where they can help in the fight.


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