Session 18 of “Liberation of the Demon Slayer”

Here is the full party:

James Blaylock = Elven Ranger PC
Exardell = Mystic PC
Duffles the Unfortunate = Mage PC
Joan the Ogre Slayer = Fighter NPC
Sherry = NPC Cleric
Glevina = NPC Elven Ranger
Broon the Smart Hobgoblin = Hobgoblin NPC who carries a torch / manages finances
Cassandra = Former Slave / Elven Spellsword / NPC
Zana = Former Slave / Bard / NPC
Samantha = Former Slave / Fighter / NPC
Rodolpho = Former Slave / Mage / NPC

Hans = Fighter PC (player is unable to join for a while, so he is sitting at the tavern and visiting the horribly wounded former adventurers)

Session Report

We skipped Mother’s Day, so this was the first session in two weeks. The party was back and READY FOR BLOOD!!!

We play over Roll20 and don’t use webcams, so I am forced to assume that this is what my players look like while playing the game.

Before I go into the game, let’s talk about Exardell. He is a Mystic (unarmored fightin’ guy… think Bruce Lee, but he can use every weapon, not just his fists).

“Exardell’s the name, face-checking doors is my game!”

He opens doors (I have added a few more traps / treasure on some of the rooms) and when the trap goes off, he makes his save… EVERY. DARN. TIME. The party doesn’t have a thief that can survive very long, so they use what they have. Which is Exardell’s face.

Anyway, back to the game. They explore around level 6 and tangle with a lava worm, which is huge flaming snake. It goes down quickly to the party’s combined attacks.

(One thing I may not have mentioned is that this level is suspended over a lake of lava)

Looking over the lava lake, they noticed a huge island, but no way to get to it.

Further exploration leads the party to meet a couple of adventurers, Routhbaard & Humbar, who tell them of treasure being guarded by a spider demon. With the power of the amulet that makes the wearer more impressive than they really are, they convince the adventurers to attack the spider demon with them.

This, minus the chaingun and robot legs

Unfortunately, Routhbaard fell to the spider demon and just as the final blow was to be made on it… the party did the most obvious thing in the world.


They attacked Humbar. Betrayed the ally they made 5 minutes ago. Why, you might ask?

Here’s a short conversation I transcribed that the players had:

“They are in the dungeon; they are monsters.”
“We are in the dungeon.”
“We are monsters, too.”

Deep man. Deeeep.

In the combat that followed, brave Zana was crippled by Humbarr, but now the party gets the treasure from the spider demon AND the stuff that the two guys carried.


They look over the lava lake again and noticed that the island has moved. Remembering stories about a dragon living down here, they get nervous.

A quick jaunt to the southern part of the dungeon leads them to the lair of the demon Kordath. They speak with him and tell him that Vord is dead. Then, they invite him to see for himself that Vord is gone.

As they approach the recently-consecrated room that Vord inhabited, Kordath gets nervous at the holy magic, but a quick-thinking “Protection from Evil” spell trapped him between the consecrated area and the party. At this point, the lava men are the only people they have not betrayed. Well, I guess they haven’t tried to kill the townsfolk or the dark elves.

The combat was paused, so that is where we will pick up on Sunday!

Seriously, if you ever meet anyone in this party in real life… WATCH YOUR BACK. Do not trust them and wear a steel plate on your back. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Lesson Learned

I can’t sleep out of fear that the party will find me, befriend me, then kill me. I take different routes to work, so it is harder to find me. Change up the parking spot I use at home and work. Only eat food that I prepare, so they can’t poison me.

Remembering the Fallen

None… this time.

Do You Want In?
Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm-ish Central Time on Roll 20.

It’s a “drop in / drop out” deal. You can’t make a session? No big deal. Don’t like my GMing style and want out? No big deal. You can hit me up on Twitter (@NotJohnDaker), email (, or MeWe (if you know Power Word: My Real Name)

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