Cirsova 2022 Lineup! — Cirsova

We have finalized the Cirsova lineup for 2022! This is going to be an incredibly exciting year. Major features include not only the serialization of Michael Tierney’s Orphan of the Shadowy Moons, a sword & sandal sci-fi epic from the 70s seeing publication for first time, but the serialization of an original sword & sorcery […]

Cirsova 2022 Lineup! — Cirsova

Check out the Winter 2022 issue! Under my pen name of “John Daker”, I have a story in that issue.

Of course, I highly recommend each and every issue of Cirsova. I’ve said it before and I will said it again: Cirsova is the best short fiction magazine on the market right now. Period.

Pick up some back issues, back the latest Kickstarter, and check out his blog for the latest information.

2 thoughts on “Cirsova 2022 Lineup! — Cirsova

  1. jeboyle2

    Have to agree with you. Cirsova has consistently published quality short fiction right from the beginning. It’s great to see that they have stories lined up for all of 2022! More, please.

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