Let’s Look At Two Modules That Are Too Hot for DriveThruRPG

Let’s look at two modules today. Both have been removed from DriveThruRPG shortly after being posted, so let’s see what they don’t want you to see.

The first is ‘The Good Syma’arian’.

Not subtle at all

The module opens with a quick mention of Roe vs. Wade, the famous U.S. Supreme Court case that somehow found that the murder of innocent babies was somehow in the U.S. Constitution. That should give you a hint of some of the themes of this module. I am happy to report that the murder of babies is considered a bad thing in this module.

It is a short little side diversion that your party can do in an evening. This adventure also highlights something about Venger’s adventures that I don’t think I have mentioned before. It is clear he is well-read and is more than a guy who peddles adventures with a little smuttiness in them. I would also point out it is easy to remove the smuttiness for your own game if you are a prude like me.

The next module is ‘Rainbow Crystal Utopia’.

This one is a bit longer and might take a couple of sessions to complete. A bunch of rainbow folk live in a cave and most of them are wild and unhinged. Each color of people have their own unique strengths and quirks about them, so fighting a yellow person or a red person are two different experiences.

The party is told of great artifacts within that can lead people to the promised land. I don’t know about you, but I would be tempted to risk life and limb for a chance at that! Page 9 contains what may be the greatest random table for an NPC that I have ever seen. You roll 3d12 to determine the character’s neo-pronoun, gender, and vibe. I just rolled on it and created a human being whose pronoun is Throat-Wobbler Mangrov. The gender is Masculine-of-Center and the vibe is self-loathing. I can imagine this person blocking me on Twitter right now!

In both modules, the parallels to today are obvious and unsubtle. It is strange, but the weirdness shows the ridiculous world we live in all the clearer. These adventures are political, but there is fun to be had. It’s not just preachy nonsense!

Once again, these modules show off Venger’s unlimited creativity with weird effects, odd items, and memorable images. The caravan of pregnant woman and people with small kids going to sacrifice their children to a demon is horrifying and scarred into my memory. And there is a “Rainbow Witch” with a spellbook written in crayon. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS!

One thing I have always appreciated about Venger’s work is his wild, unbridled creativity. It’s on full display here and even if you don’t intend to run these adventures, there is something in them that can be pulled out and used in your game. His work is a goldmine of great ideas and they are all on display here!

The latest information on these modules can be found at Venger’s blog. If they are available again on DriveThruRPG, I am sure he will announce it. Otherwise, you can find his contact information there.


I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but I should be able to start blogging more again. Life… happens.

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